Humans - Character design warmup

Character design month is here and I decided to start with some quick and fun studies to get out of my comfort zone and practise some diverse bodies. There are 3 of these sheets, 15 people on each.
Also, the more I drew the more I realised how many people wouldn’t fit on this sheet. I’m sorry if you or someone you love are not represented, you can let me know if you wish to! I guess I’ll just have to make more! 
Small disclaimer: this whole 3 page study is actually just called “humans”, because I believe that you should be able to swap the labels of women/men/non binary people and put them on any of the three drawings. Gender identity does not equal gender expression, and all the different combinations are just beautiful. But I thought it was also important to, as I said above, present the wide variety within a gender identity and validating all the different ways to be part of it.

July 2, 2020