Sariel Snowings
Sariel Snowings
Illustrator and 2D artist
Leipzig, Germany

Sariel started to focus professionally on their art in September 2017. They began freelancing mid 2020 and got their first professional job in September of that year as a concept artist for an indie android video game (which they recently finished in late May 2021). They also sporadically work as an illustrator for various TTRPG indie projects.
In 2020 they'd been able to carry out a self-guided education timeline with the purposes of not only improving their skills in 2D art and illustration but also expanding their knowledge regarding different industries. Through online courses, mentorships and daily practise, they delved into various paths including Character Concept Art, Creature Design, Narrative Illustration, Prop Design and Comic Art, among others.
Currently they’re interested in character concept art, comic and illustration for video games and TTRPGs within the science-fiction and fantasy atmospheres.


Concept ArtIllustrationComic ArtCharacter DesignDigital PaintingProp DesignGame Icons

Software proficiency

SketchBook Pro
SketchBook Pro


  • Cover artist and interior illustrator at Daylight Publications (TTRPG)
    United States of America
    May 2021 - Present

    Sariel occasionally works together with the folks at Daylight Publications as an illustrator for their Dungeons & Dragons home-brew supplements published in DMsGuild.

    The current project they’re collaborating on, “NOT Another Monster Quest Book”, involves a 6-volume series of supplements to be published throughout 2021. They’re featured as the cover artist for the first volume as well as having interior illustrations for volumes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6.

  • 2D Artist and Concept Artist at Tiny Space Game Project
    September 2020 - May 2021

    Sariel worked with a small international team on an indie project created by the game developer Florent D’Halluin. A prototype for the game was created from September 2020 to November 2020 (Tiny Space Game). A second, improved and expanded game was made from February 2021 to May 2021 following a rogue lite model (title still pending).

    They worked as concept and 2D asset artist for both games, as a single artist on the first and with the help of a secondary artist on the second. As concept artist, they were responsible for the overall look and colour palette for both games, as well as working close together with all other members of the team to help with ideas, story building and gameplay in all other departments. They were also tasked to create the final backgrounds and all in-game assets for the prototype and the tiling backgrounds and enemy/ally assets for the second, final version which is still in development.